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Secure and Private 24/7 Mailbox Access with door code - Receive packages safety and securely

Prestigious Address:
Many individuals, as well as businesses, have an aversion to dealing with a company, which uses a P.O. Box address. At Pack & Mail Plus your mailbox is designated with a street number and a suite number.

Receipt of Mail/Parcels:

Having a street address for mail/parcel delivery, other than US Mail, is required for services such as UPS, FedEX and others. We will sign for your package, at no additional cost, and notify you by your preferred method, text or email.

Call In Mail Check
Another service Pack & Mail Plus offers is “call in” mail check. Rather than waste your limited and valuable time driving to a Post Office, only to find an empty box, you can call Pack & Mail Plus and we will tell you if you have mail. If you are out of town, call in and we will forward your mail for a small fee to you at the address you specify.

24/7 Access
Your Pack & Mail Plus shipping center allows you to access your box at any time of the day or night. If you are expecting an important package that will not fit into your box, and you can’t make a pickup during business hours, you can call and we will try to make special arrangements.

3 months $39.00
6 months $78.00
12 months $156.00

3 months $57.00
6 months $114.00
12 months $228.00

3 months $72.00
6 months $144.00
12 months $288.00

All mailboxes have a $20 one time setup fee
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